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Julie Levi JJ

Julie Forbes is one of Seattle’s top behavior experts and is known for her patience, focus, and ability to bridge communication between humans and dogs. She has talked with some of the country’s most highly regarded dog behavior and cognition scientists including Temple Grandin, Patricia McConnell, Marc Bekoff, Alexandra Horowitz, and Brian Hare on her podcast The Dog Show with Julie Forbes. (Free on iTunes and at

Julie graduated from the University of Vermont in 1999, with a degree in animal science. In the Fall of 2002, she completed an apprentice program in dog training and behavior.

Julie is able to weave a high level of education with the practicality of living with dogs in homes, not research labs. Julie specializes in bridging the communication gap between humans and their dogs, so that everyone is on the same page and feeling clear and confident. In addition to depth of knowledge, you will find Julie to be grounded, present, and give you laser focus when in her presence. A master at understanding dogs, she is also gifted in coaching humans in the language of dog, which is mostly non-verbal.

“First and foremost, every dog is a unique individual and must be understood and met where they are. We are familiar with all the tools available in the industry to help dogs learn, and tailor our approach to fit each dog as the being that they are. We do not believe that fitting every dog into one training style is effective, or fair to the dog.” – Julie Forbes

Julie and Temple