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I graduated from the University of Vermont in 1999, with a degree in Animal Science. In the Fall of 2002, I completed The Academy of Canine Behavior’s “Apprentice Program” in Dog Behavior and Training and worked on staff, full-time at The Academy for three years. I will be forever grateful for the exposure I received during my time at The Academy that spanned all types of breeds, temperaments, personalities and levels of intensity of aggression, anxiety, fear and exuberance that has equipped me to work with almost any type of dog and behavior.

I started my business, Sensitive Dog, when I saw the need for in-home training, in September of 2005 and have been bringing balance and ease to the human-dog relationship ever since.

I am the host and creator of “The Dog Show with Julie Forbes”, a talk radio show all about dogs. The Dog Show airs LIVE on Wednesdays from 2-3pm (PST) on KKNW 1150 AM in Western Washington, and is streaming live from and from The Dog Show with Julie Forbes is available to download for free as a Podcast on iTunes and all of the past shows are also archived on Our first show was on February 18, 2009. We hit the ground running and have been gaining speed ever since.

I have been the Adoption Coordinator for Heeling Allies, Service Dog training company since it opened its doors in 2008.  I work with local breeders and rescue groups to place qualified dogs who are in-need of a home, into one of our three support dog programs.  For more information about Heeling Allies visit

I am an expert in the pet food industry and my education in the science of nutrition and experience in the pet food industry for over ten years has equipped me to fulfill my passion of educating pet owners to make healthy, informed choices about what to feed their pets. It is my intention to cut through the deception and lies of the multinational companies that own the majority of the most recognized brands of food sold in grocery stores and pet super-stores as well as explain the lack of regulation in pet food labels that allows them to get away with this offensive deception.

Other dog training experience I have dipped my toes into includes, but is not limited to:

  • Competition Obedience Training
  • Agility Training
  • Tricks Training
  • Herding
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Scent Tracking
  • K-9 Nosework

Perhaps my greatest teachers are my own dogs. My first dog, Chewy, who I got when I was twenty, taught me about unconditional commitment and love and illuminated the depths of emotional intimacy that can be shared between two species. Chewy died of cancer at the age of twelve, in September of 2009, and he is still teaching me about myself as I learn to love him through his death and beyond.

My current dogs are Leia, a twelve year-old dachshund, Lois a twelve year old mix, Levi, a six year old Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler and Chewy’s protige), Telle, an eight year old Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), a sweet blessing that came to us after Chewy’s death, and JJ a sappy two year old yellow lab.  They keep me humble and remind me everyday that it is much easier to be consistent with other people’s dogs than it is your own!