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Whether we are addressing specific behavioral issues or are working on basic obedience skills, I will always approach your dog as an individual and will use whatever methods and tools that are appropriate and effective for the human/dog team I am working with. Whether it be the desired outcome, or the means to get there, I believe Balance is the key to a high success rate, and positive experience for all.

I consider myself to be a positive trainer who establishes clear boundaries. I am you and your dog’s biggest cheerleader and always operate from a place of love, kindness, and exceptional patience. I also believe that nature provides consequences and that corrections that are clear, and fair, are necessary to achieve balance with most dogs. The combination and type of praise and correction is uniquely formulated with each individual dog/human team. There is not “only one” right way to train a dog, and it is important to be equipped with many different techniques and energy levels to match you and your dog’s temperaments.

I am not only able to communicate fluently with dogs, but also with their people. They say, “Half of dog training is people training!” – and I agree. The ability to carefully listen to and teach both species is what gives my clients, both two and four-legged, consistent results and an enjoyable, interesting and empowering experience.

We have the ability to mix and match all types of services to perfectly meet your needs and accomplish your desired goals in the way that fits you and your dog the best.

puppinsunWant to do a couple of private lessons to tide you over until group class starts? Great!

Want to do the three-week intensive training (Higher Education) and then take a group class to review all the information in weekly chunks so you have some structure to support you and your dog moving forward? Great!

Want just one private lesson to answer your specific questions? Great!

Please call or email me if you have further questions.

Julie Forbes
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